Apple is one of the most popular fruits cultivated and consumed all over the world. There are more than 7500 different types of apples, including: yellow, pippin, red, green, honey crisp and white apples…

Yellow apples

This type of apple has a sweet taste and can always be found in family fruit baskets. However, this kind of apple should be consumed quickly as it cannot be stored for a long time. Yellow apples can be used in salads, apple pies, jams and sweets

Red apples

They have a creamy pulp with a puffy texture. Red apples, are juicy and soft. Mostly, they are eaten raw and are not used in salads and cakes. Some of these apples are dark and light, and some have yellow lines and streaks, such as fuji apples.

Green apples

It’s popular among people who are interested in sour fruits. Eating green apples contributes to weight-loss as well as lowering blood-sugar.

White apple

This type of apple is one of the rarest apples native to Australia. The outer part of this apple looks like guava. White apple blooms in late spring. They contain more sugar compared to other types; therefore, they are very suitable for juices.

Pippin apples

This type of apple enters the market in summer and it is hot in nature. Pippin apples are consumed in cooking, canned fruits and jams.

Honey crisp apples

This type of apple is a small, juicy and sweet fruit. They are mainly supplied in summer and they can be used to make jams and canned fruits.